Leading edge software development solutions and services using the latest technologies, methodologies and best practices.    

Who We Are

Stratera Technologies is a woman-owned small business that has over 16 years of experience as a developer of software and leading edge systems that serve the business, operational and mission critical support needs of our federal and commercial customers. 

Our Motto

Stratera Technologies’ longtime motto, Accelerating Your Organization's Success, represents our steady focus on delivering efficient, dependable and cost effective solutions to client’s that are seeking productivity gains and process improvements through the adoption of emerging technologies and better business practices. 

What We Do

In today’s market, the emergence of Cloud Services, IT Automation, open source technologies and improved lifecycle development processes, Stratera has the expertise and practical ability to build enterprise, web and mobile applications while delivering better software faster by accelerating development, build, test, and deployment processes for our clients.

Stratera is currently supporting federal and commercial enterprises with resources and tasks that include transitions to cloud technology solutions, applying Agile principals across the software lifecycle, Continuous Delivery initiatives as well as development, modernization and support of enterprise level systems including content management, mobile and web applications.