Test Automation

Accelerate Delivery While Improving Software Quality

Stratera’s software test automation services deliver the speed and cost-savings benefits of software test automation through our expert testing resources. Our automation personnel have been successfully integrated to support a number of our client’s continuous delivery initiatives. We have helped our clients automate applications running on various platforms, using a wide-range of well-known tools.

Stratera can help incorporate a state-of-the-art testing framework with your preferred software test automation tool to reduce the time and costs for large-scale software test automation. Whether you’re building an enterprise software application with complex business logic and numerous platforms and versions to support, or a mobile app with extreme time-to-market pressure, Stratera can deliver the right solution for your needs.

Test Automation with Your Tools

Test automation isn't easy. We've helped numerous companies improve their automation efforts and we can do the same for you. Our engineers have worked with the most popular test automation tools in use today.