Accelerate Your Path to DevOps​

At the highest level, most organizations are seeking similar IT goals such as lowing costs, reducing cycle times, increasing operational efficiency, improving deployment quality and ultimately creating better customer experiences – and more and more organizations are learning and experiencing that a Continuous Delivery approach that unites development and operations teams to automate and standardize such efforts as infrastructure deployment can deliver many of these benefits.

However, it goes without saying that every organization is unique.  Companies have unique business goals, customer needs, skill sets, infrastructure, cultures, team skills, budgets, technical sophistication and so on and so forth. 

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet DevOps technology that will magically address all the unique needs and goals for a company.  Rather DevOps is an operational approach that considers tools, culture, people and process to help change and improve how organizations develop and deploy applications.  

Through our DevOps practice, Stratera offers professional services with ongoing resource support to get you started or accelerate your DevOps initiatives.  No matter where you are in your DevOps journey, Stratera can help whether you need a roadmap that defines how to integrate DevOps into your environment or need support selecting and implementing cloud solutions and popular tools used in successful DevOps initiatives. And when you are ready, we can deliver expert development and operational resources to help you more rapidly deliver new features and applications to your customers.

Based upon the needs of our customers, below are examples of the various DevOps services that Stratera provides:

DevOps Professional Services

Deciding to start DevOps at most organizations is challenging and will require the right mix of skills and expertise within your team combined with the readiness to alter your culture, discipline and processes to ensure success.   Stratera offers its DevOps Professional Services to meet these challenges and provides our clients with expert resources to support and guide you at whatever stage you are at in your DevOps journey.

With support from Stratera’s DevOps engineers and experts, we can recommend and provide cloud solutions for your infrastructure and delivery processes, deliver proven configuration management tools and DevOps methodologies and help you code, test and monitor your applications.

Stratera offers our clients choice and flexibility as we support multiple cloud solutions and DevOps tools to ensure our clients’ can find the best approach and solution to automate their environment.  Click here to read more about one of our DevOps projects.

Below is a list of common and proven tools that Stratera’s sources can support for various DevOps needs:

Source Control

Stratera offers expertise with tools including Git/GitHub, and SVN for collaboration, code review, and source/branch management. 

Continuous Integration

Stratera leverages CI tools such as Jenkins and TeamCity for build and deployment orchestration. 

Infrastructure Automation

Stratera can help you automate how you build, deploy, and manage your existing infrastructure using Chef or Puppet. With these tools, Stratera can enable your infrastructure to become as versionable, testable, and repeatable as application code. Stratera has the resources to help you write, test and maintain cookbooks and automate your dev, staging and production environments.


Stratera can help define and monitor performance metrics with CloudWatchStatsD, Graphite, New Relic, and Rackspace Cloud Monitoring.