Cloud Services

Accelerate into the Cloud

Depending on your unique IT goals, Stratera’s Cloud Engineers will collaborate with your team to define what Cloud solution is best for you and how to deliver it.   Our Cloud Engineers will provide architecture and security guidance, code development assistance, and launch support to help ensure success.   Stratera’s can support cloud engagements including:

Cloud Advisory Services

Stratera supports and provides guidance to customers who would like to assess their readiness and have a roadmap to get their infrastructure or delivery process automated and into the cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Stratera has Certified Cloud Engineers to help with architecting, security guidance, code development and launching into your virtual environment of choice.

Cloud CI Services

For customers who are interested in an automated deployment pipeline, but want to take an initial step before continuous deployment, Stratera can set up a Continuous Integration (CI) server in the cloud. Establishing a CI practice will allow your developers to integrate code regularly into a shared repository.  Each check-in can be verified by an automated build which ultimately will allow your team to detect problems earlier and more easily to help reduce cycle delivery times.